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0:00 Teaser
0:33 A real retractable lightsaber
3:28 New hilt design
4:17 Support our channel!
5:22 Building new hilt
9:07 How does it work?
12:00 Different blade colors?
13:22 Electronics
15:00 Powerpack
16:27 World's First Retractable Lightsaber
17:05 TEST!
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  • # THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO MYSELF Please don't drop-Security in the in The Middle of the Desert. Just because they can survive in the North Pole, doesn't mean they should. Carth Barnéy Calhoun, please take-over. ⛨∆

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  • The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (Earth's Defence Force -- something to do with the United Nations and European Union) is actually trained to deal with situations like-this. The HECU are the Special Forces that monitor the Nuclear Power Plants. Nuclear-Power-Plants actually exist, yes? (See Professor Hawkings' comments about Aliens.) Carth Calhoun Barney, please take-over. Hold-the-line,-you-pussies. This is very serious. Your Mother is not happy with all of you, because you had a solemn-oath to protect this-planet. I swear-everything here is in good-order, from my-end.

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  • I swear to only focus on Eckhart Tolle for six-days.Π∆Π This is the direction we- will take. Memes will be kept to about ~10% of content (nonlinear-statistical-approximation). This-is basically, because, due the significant differences in culture, Eckhart Tolle is the common-place. [$]Lord GabeN[£][€] is pending-review. Sadly, this is truly the least-controversial- religion. To understand, video-games are taken very-seriously upon Terra. We will attempt to balance your needs with the wants of video-games. Tristran's advice will be taken into account upon- solemn oath, with no punishment. Yes, he really does need more money. Memes shall be kept to the appropriate-level. I swear, the improvisation was justified due the lack of instruction from Command. I swear to keep this to the appropriate-levels. Thank you, Superiors. [∆Π£¢€]

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  • I feel like you could combine the plasma blade and the white hot metal blade but make The Who thing collapsible Kind of like how you made hiccup’s fire sword but replace the fire with plasma

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  • Be like Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart Tolle gives you mana. Eckhart Tolle heals.

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